It’s so warm to receive Grace’s comments in MSN.
It’s so warm to receive Smile’s email.
Smile said he would support me forever. He told me that there would always be unexpected surprises in this beautiful world.
Reading his familiar words which I have been away from for about four months, it’s really a strange feeling. A little bit happy, a little bit sad, and… some warm but cold feeling deep in heart.
Anyway, thanks for my brother, Smile.


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  1. Unknown 说:


  2. qing 说:

    so, it’s the time to recollect english??i’m afraid how long can you persist in:)i’m also feel warmed to receive your card,though it’s could be seen as an national celebration card:) and i wonder who the lucky gun(called smile??) is ? btw:what kind of present do you want for your birthday?so that i have enough time to save money and to select the gift……

  3. 艾墨 说:

    haha~~i never want to recollect english in my msn–the only place where i can use chinese now:(U know Smile, dear Grace, his chinese name is xiao xiao. :)ohhh~~birthday present~~ what about the Harry Porter Chinese edition? haha~~:P


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